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Mission & Vision


The vision of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to impart the knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering in accordance with the international standard in order to create technologically competent and ethically strong engineers, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, who will contribute to the advancement of our country.


  1. To provide top quality education to undergraduate students.
  2. To have state of the art laboratory and classroom features which will allow the potential engineers to harness their creativity and convert their imagination into practice, which will motivate them to be thirsty for knowledge and pursue long term education.
  3. To have a practical work-based curriculum to assure quality engineers can work deal with the challenges of 21st century industries and machineries.
  4. To make our students morally sound and ethically strong.
  5. To ensure proper platforms for faculty members and students to share their ideas, research on them and allow networking.


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