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    1. Question: When was the department of EEE established?
    2. Answer: 2004.

    1. Question: How many students have graduated from the Dept. of EEE till 2018?
    2. Answer: 1430.

    1. Question: How many Full-time faculty members are currently present?
    2. Answer: 14.

    1. Question: Are room facilities equipped with Air Condition?
    2. Answer: Yes

    1. Question: How many semesters are offered yearly and when do they start?
    2. Answer: 3 semesters a year: Spring, Summer & Fall, and these starts in January, May &September respectively.

    1. Question: Whether any financial aid is available for the needy students?
    2. Answer: Yes, Stamford University Bangladesh provides scholarship and financial aid in various categories.

    3. Question: Whether the university has any international collaboration/credit transfer facilities?
    4. Answer: Yes


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