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About Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field that deals with the study, design, and application of electrical systems and electronic devices. It encompasses a wide range of technologies, including power generation and distribution, telecommunications, digital and analog electronics, control systems, and computer hardware. Electrical engineers focus on the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power, while electronic engineers specialize in the design and development of electronic circuits and systems. Both disciplines are crucial in shaping the modern world, enabling advancements in renewable energy, telecommunications networks, automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). They play a pivotal role in improving efficiency, safety, and connectivity across various industries.

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Admission Going On Summer 2024

Admission Open ( 20 Apr, 2024 - 5 Jun, 2024 )

Message from the Chairman

EEE, one of the richest departments of Stamford University Bangladesh, has been performing a very significant role in converting Bangladesh into modern Bangladeshs since its establishment in 2002. For its relentless effort for improvement, this department has now manifested itself as a centre of excellence for engineering education. All the laboratories are equiped with cutting edge hardware and softeare. As a result students get opportunities to understand and learn all the terms of engineering properly. Taking proper education, students of this department are contributing a lot to the solution of the problem in the field of electric power generation, transmission and distribution, high voltage transients, power system stability, economic operation of system, system planning and design. Here , students are encouraged to undertake research and development activities in the areas of power system , power electronic, control system, telecommunications, electronic circuits, solid state device and computer engineering. To speak frankly, teachers here are highly qualified, sincere, hard working, dedicated and student friendly. They study and research carefully and meticulously for making their teaching truthful and effective. The environment of this department is very congenial for study and research. I am very much optimistic that this department will very soon be one of the best learning centers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am happy and fortunate enough to be a part of this department of Stamford University Bangladesh.

Dr. Dilshad Mahjabeen
Acting Chairman & Professor
Department of Electrical & Etectronic Engineering
Stamford University Bangladesh