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About Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering offers Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Electronic plays a vital and in fact, indispensable role in all fields of modem human activities. Consequently, Electrical and Electronic Engineering has established itself as one of the most important branches of engineering. The technical aspects of this branch of engineering are often categorized by terms such as power systems, power electronics, control systems, telecommunication, electronic circuits, solid state devices and computer engineering, with increasing importance of computers, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been opened as a separate department, but all the students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are requested to have a balanced knowledge of digital electronics, computers, micro-processors and programming. The new generation of electrical engineers is encouraged to undertaken research and development activities in the above areas and this department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Problems of national importance have consequently received great emphasis in the activities of this department. Problems in the fields of electric power generation. Transmission and distribution, high voltage transients, power system stability, economic operation of power systems, system planning, design. Throughout the study programs, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedure for analysis and design, and on the responsible use of technology.

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Message from the Honorable Chairman

Coming Soon ... Welcome to the website of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Stamford University Bangladesh. Our mission is to serve the students and the university community by providing superior career-integrated education in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The department's vision is to be nationally recognized for high-quality educational programs and research through focused activities and excellence of its staff, graduates and facilities.

The EEE Department aims are to provide excellent quality program of undergraduate education to be an Outcome Based Education (OBE) through knowledge of engineering and science and to serve the community and industry as an agent of technological, , educational innovation and advancement.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering is a vibrant department that has changed the world in which we live and work. At the beginning of this new century, the discipline is poised to continue making important contributions to key issues facing society in areas such as energy, health, computing, networked communications, environmental monitoring, and information security.

By scrolling around, you should be able to learn about our exciting program, our dynamic faculty and staff and our leading-edge facilities and research. Whether you are a student, parent, prospective faculty member or a curious member of the public, I invite you to read our web pages and find a way to become part of the Stamford EEE family. We look forward to your contributions to the Department and we hope to be part of your success.

Dr. Tanbir Ibne Anowar
Associate Professor & Acting Chairman
Department of Electrical & Etectronic Engineering
Stamford University Bangladesh