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Library Facilities:

The department of EEE has one library located at Siddeswari Campus of Stamford University Bangladesh

Space and hours of operation:
Stamford University Bangladesh has a spacious library which serves as host to a number of other departments along with the EEE department at Siddeswari Campus. The total area, hours of operation as well as the seating capacity is summarized in the following table. For detailed information about the library kindly refer to the Annexure E.

Library Particulars Quantity and Time Schedule
Total Area of Library 14,530 Square Feet
Seating Capacity 800
Hour of Operation during Weekdays 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (from Saturday to Thursday total 11 hours per day )
Hour of Operation during Weekend 9:00 am to 5: pm (with a Jumma prayer break form 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, 7 hours)

Library resources:

A summarized resource of the library is listed in the following table.

Category No. of titles No. of titles
Books (hard copy) 7310 53305
Journals (hard copy) 575 1136
Journals (electronic) 400  
Proceedings (hard copy) 63 63
Proceedings (electronic) 10000  
Others Affiliation of IEEE (institutional membership) and DSpace (institutional membership)

Laboratories and equipment

The department of EEE offered quite a number of lab courses in the trimesters of last three academic calendar year. For avoiding redundancy, the mandatory courses that are offered in each trimester are listed all together in a table and the elective courses that were offered is presented in separate tables. Mandatory Lab Courses:

Serial number Laboratory name Location of the laboratory (Swiddeswari Campus)
1 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab A-507
2 Physics Laboratory B-701/L-114
3 Drawing and Computer Lab B-801/L-115
4 Database Lab MCL-B, A-302
5 Network Lab MCL-A, A-402
6 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab A-507
7 Energy Conversion Lab B-807
8 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab A-507
9 High Voltage Lab Build separately
10 Energy Conversion Lab B-807
11 Communication Lab B-808
12 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab A-507
13 Network Lab MCL-A, A-4027


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